Membership Application

Membership Application

Most of our ~170  members are Full/Registered members. However, there are different categories of membership to suit your preferences. 

Full/”Registered” member: £27 for 2022

The category for those with bees. 

  • This provides membership to BBKA and its resources for education, exams etc.
  • This provides Public Liability Insurance concerning your bees.
  • Bee Disease Insurance (BDI)  for 3 hives. And the means to insure more hives if relevant.
  • The monthly magazine, sent out by the national BBKA organization.
  • Access to local Hexham Beekeepers Association events.
    • Monthly presentation/talk/seminar/beginner training.
    • Access to other beekeepers.
    • Access to “Bee-Mart”.

 “Partner” member of a “Registered” member: £15 for 2022

  • You have the same access to the resources as a “Registered” member.
    • (Note: -You need to have the same address as the principal “Registered member”).

“Country” member:  £15.50 for 2022

  • An interested member without any bees, yet.
  • You have the same access to the resources as other members.

“Junior” member: £10 for 2022

  • For members who are less than 18 years old, and have a parent as a Registered member.
  • You have  access to HBKA events.

“Associate” member (or “Local) £8.50 for 2022

  • This is for those not registering with BBKA through this club, as maybe a member through another club. 

How to join

Download the Membership form for reference. 

  • If you prefer working with hardcopy, then please complete the form and send it the membership secretary.
    • Please write your email address and mobile number clearly. No “hieroglyphics” or cryptic versions.
  • The fastest method is, to email, or text, to the membership secretary: your name, email address, cell-phone #, post-code, and the category of membership you require.
    • The membership secretary will create a record in the database, then send you an email with a URL to your record, for you to complete and respond with your method of payment.
    • After payment, you will receive a receipt, and where relevant, an insurance certificate for bee disease insurance (BDI) .

Please use the email contact details, in the membership form, for any questions related to membership.

However, for general enquiries about HBKA, or help for beginners, please use the Contact Us page to seek further information.