Bee Mart

Bee Mart


For full details of items available please contact email or phone number provided or You must be a FULL, COUNTRY or PARTNER member of Hexham Beekeepers Association to participate as buyer or seller (LOCAL or ASSOCIATE members are not eligible)

If you wish to sell bees or equipment, please send details to You should include location, price and a description of max 25 words. If you would like members to contact you directly, add contact details. Alternatively, your name and contact details will be supplied to HBKA members on request.

Section A Bees

Lot NumberDescription of Queen, Colony Condition, Temparament, etc & Location of VendorPrice
2032024 splits available.  Covering between 6-10 frames. Tyne Valley type bees some darker than others. Contact Dot 
202August 2023.
Due to health issues, 10 colonies for sale in national hives.
At present they are up on the heather near Edmundbyres.
If this weather continues, the heather honey collected will go with each hive.
Spare supers, ekes & hive parts to go.
Sensible offers & inspections invited.
Contact me at:
201June 2023 Strong colonies, Corbridge area, gentle dark bees, naturally mated queens.  Chemical free colonies.  We have 4 or 5 colonies with brood and supers including good quantity of honey for which we are looking for a new home/s.  You’re welcome to arrange to come and inspect.  Offers accepted.  We can help with local delivery.  Please contact Tim on 07860 252 849 or

Section B- Equipment

Lot Number Description of Equipment & Its Condition, Age, Amount, etcPrice
307Equipment for sale; all proceeds to Hexham Food Bank

All items subject to availability.  Some may be slightly shop-soiled, but they are good quality, good value and sold in a good cause.

You can come to collect at an agreed time; you do not have to wait for mail-order delivery.  Cash or cheque only – no cards.  Some other items (used) available in an emergency.
Please ring 01661 886 219 and ask for Mike

Shallow frames – self spacing (no Brood) £1.50 each
Horsley swarm control boards £27.00
Nucleus hives (used) £40/£20
Porter Bee escapes 85p/£1.45
Nitrile rubber gloces (Small, 61/2; Medium 71/2) £2.95 
Kid/Nappa leather – traditional bee-keeping gloves;
much more comfortable in hot weather     £25/pr

Bee brush                                                         £3
Queen marking pens (red, yellow, white) £4.50
Smokers Large; galvanized £22, stainless £45
Feeders  1/2 gallon rapid                            £6.80
Trickle-2-empty bottle for oxalic acid treatment £1

Books 2020/2011 editions
Ted Hooper – Guide to Bees and Honey                 12.99
David Wooton – Beekeeping – A Novice’s Guide   16.99

Honey buckets                               £4.20 each; £17 for 5
   and lots more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please ring or e-mail for a complete list01661 886219
308Queen Rearing Punch Cell Kits £45

Contact Tom on 07973 448 457