Hive Loan Scheme

Hive Loan Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to help beginner beekeepers with the high set up costs in starting up beekeeping. It will allow a new beekeeper to sample beekeeping for a year before investment of hive equipment is required.

The scheme will provide successful applicants with a hive, a smoker and hive tool for a full season (August to August) after which the beginner will be able to either buy the equipment or return the equipment to the Association.

NB – Bees will not be provided but we will try and help, wherever possible, to put beginners in touch with fellow beekeepers who may be able to supply bees.

Criteria for eligibility

The beekeeper must:

1) Not have kept bees in the past;
2) Be a member of Hexham Beekeepers Association and will continue to be a member during the period of the scheme;
3) Have completed a recognized beekeeping course within the last 5 years;
4) Have attended/is attending HBKA beginner apiary sessions, where possible;
5) Register their bees with the National Bee Unit (Beebase)

The Scheme

The beginner beekeeper will be supplied with a full hive consisting of mesh floor, brood box with a pack of frames, two supers (without frames), dummy board, crown board, queen excluder and roof, along with a smoker and a hive tool.

The equipment will be provided at the time the beginner is to get bees. The beginner will be able to use the equipment for a full season, until August of the following year. At this point, the beginner will have to decide whether to purchase the equipment or to return it to the Association. The cost to the beginner of the equipment will be 75% of the purchase price (at current prices this would be approximately £165 to pay). If the equipment is to be returned to the Association, it should be done so in a sound & clean condition.


Applications should be made by way of the Hive scheme application form which can be downloaded here. Completed forms should be returned by post to the Treasurer. Jane Hughes, Cross House, Allendale, Hexham, NE47 9EL.


Applications will be considered and approved by the Committee.

In the event that more applicants apply than there are available hives, lots will be drawn of successful candidates.