The Hermitage Sisterhood 2020

The Hermitage Sisterhood 2020

Sunday 22nd March 2020 – From the new Hippy Happy Queen

Well folks it’s been a long time since you heard from us. Almost two years in fact – my mother, the blue Hippy Happy Queen, did tell me that The General was inclined to slack if she wasn’t kept up to the job. So today I collared her when she visited with the Doctor and told her we should really let people know what’s going on down here. Most of the Queens that used to blog have now been superseded by us younger generation, but we are still as interesting as before and are keen to keep you up to date with the Sisterhood. So here we go!

The General did quite a bit of shuffling around last Autumn, moving families in together to help us keep warm for the winter. Then in the middle of December, The Doctor, Trog and The General came and dosed us with some medicine, nasty, even if it was disguised in sugar solution. It was to kill the pesky mites they said. At the same time they gave us all a nice lot of candy to help keep us fed through the winter – and we thought it was our Christmas present but maybe it was just to take away the taste of the medicine! Anyway, The Doctor and The General have been down to see us few times since then, topping up candy where it has been needed.

The General has been off for her usual jaunt to warmer climes and even spoke about us to beekeepers down under. She says she will give a talk on beekeeping down under in the autumn. She said those southern folk were impressed by our survival skills, and shocked when she showed them photos of bee hives in the snow.

Today the sun was out but the air was quite cold, so for the first time we could show The General how well we all were after the winter and impress her with our pollen collection. All 12 branches of the Sisterhood are still going, some are stronger than others and we are one of the strongest. The new Ginger Queen next door seems to have a small family, but hopefully they will grow when the weather improves. They should be warm enough because the have had the new blue and yellow prefab since last summer.

The General and Doctor had a bit of a discussion about whether they should remove the mouseguards but decided on balance to leave them for another few days and see what the weather is going to do. It has been a long old winter this time, although not too cold but certainly wet for the last couple of months. The General, as usual, has decided that it is probably too cold just now to open our houses to see how we all are. She usually waits until April for the longer days. At the moment it’s still cold in the late afternoon and she doesn’t want us disrupted and chilled. It looks like she is going to have time on her hands for a while, which makes a difference as she is usually rushing from one thing to the next like a demented hamster.

She has been telling us that we might not see many apprentices or indeed anyone else for the summer as many of you have a human virus that attacks your breathing tubes and you are all in quarantine and have to stay inside. Although, apparently, you are allowed to look after your livestock. I’m not sure I like me and my sisters being described as livestock – it makes us sound like cows. I’m glad we don’t have to stay 2 metres apart – we’d stretch from Wylam to Newcastle and back.

I’ll update you all next time I manage a chat with The General, that might be the first time she comes to inspect our houses.

Flower power and all that.

Your Hippy Happy Queen and her bees